Venture Capital Financing for Your Online Business

Venture Capital Financing for Your Online Business

You have a great online idea. Maybe it’s a new product or service you want to sell on the Internet. Or maybe it’s an old product or service with a new way to sell it online. (Think Uber selling rides online as opposed to people flagging down cabs, or Amazon selling books on the Internet instead of in bookstores.)

Your idea is great and it’s unique. You’ve done your homework and few—maybe none—are doing what you’ve come up with.

But you have two problems:

  1. You have no idea how to get millions of people to your website and…

  2. You lack financial resources.

That’s where we come in, to help you.

We are proven experts at selling products/services online and building massive web traffic. Pitch your idea to us. If we like it, we’ll partner with you and provide you with the marketing expertise and financing to see your idea come to fruition.

We’ve built many multi-million-dollar businesses from scratch. In one instance, we were able to build qualified traffic to a new website from zero to six million visitors a month, all in less than six months!

We love start-up entrepreneurs because that’s who we used to be. And we’d love to hear your idea to see how we can help.

Before contacting us with your idea, make sure you are comfortable with meeting three simple requirements:

  1. Your online idea is unique, and you’ve done thorough research on its potential.

  2. You have a business plan you can provide to us (but you can leave the financial projections part to us).

  3. You are comfortable giving up majority control or your concept in return for expert marketing and venture capital. (Remember, it’s always better to own a smaller piece of something really big than to own 100% of something that never gets off the ground.)

If you can meet the three requirements above, send us an introduction email to If we like your idea and think it could be a big winner, we’ll contact you to arrange the next steps.

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