3C Contact Services Inc.

3C Contact Services Inc.

3C Contact Services Inc. is a Canadian company providing best-in-class, third-party, global outsource contact services. We offer a variety of solutions that ensure that our clients keep their customers happy. Our approach provides our clients with the highest level of support for their customers in many areas, including: Customer Service, Customer Care, Publishing Sales & Support, Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Quality Assurance Programs, Crisis Management, E-Mail Management, Customer Retention, Billing Explanations and General Assistance. We provide our clients’ customers with friendly, efficient, and professional service.

Our professionals deliver B2B and B2C support to keep businesses functioning smoothly. Our extensive experience and our commitment to the success of our clients make 3C Contact Services Inc. the partner of choice.

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3c contact services

Michela Lombardi, BA, MSc
Managing Director
3C Contact Services Inc.

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