Doctors Health Press, Inc.

Doctors Health Press, Inc.

Doctors Health Press, Inc. is the largest publisher of consumer health newsletters in Canada. We focus our content on alternative and natural health remedies and have published over 100 books and reports on these topics. Much of the information we offer our readers is found on, as well as in the wide variety of alternative and natural health newsletters that we release.

Some of the topics we cover at Doctors Health Press include the healing powers of various foods, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, hidden cures for common illnesses, and natural healing methods.

The content and opinions at Doctors Health Press are unbiased. Be it, or any of our other content, we are independent of any pharmaceutical group. Our commitment is to our readers and providing them with the most appropriate information so they can make informed health decisions.

The updates we post on focus on current events and breakthroughs in the health industry. Our overall focus is on providing natural and alternative health guidance.

At Doctors Health Press, we rely on a team of experts in the natural health industry. Our chairman, Victor Marchione, MD, has been featured on ABC’s World News, CBS’s Evening News, and NBC’s Today Show. Our team also consists of experienced professionals, including nutritionists, registered dieticians, anti-aging specialists, personal trainers and, of course, medical doctors, whose advice and research can be seen at

The free Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin delivers specific natural health guidance and health breakthroughs to our readers daily.

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