Michael Lombardi mba

Michael Lombardi, MBA

29 years ago, I founded a publishing company with the goal of helping investors make more money from their investments. I started in 1986 with a typewriter (before the Internet ever existed), writing a monthly financial newsletter. Three decades later, that one-person company has grown into many companies with hundreds of employees in a diverse group of businesses.

The most important thing I’ve learned about business over the past 30 years is that it’s all about people: the customers we serve and the staff we hire to serve those customers. Our businesses are built on the strength of our staff, and they grow dependent on how successful we are at helping our customers achieve their goals.

If you are visiting this site, I hope you are either interested in joining our team (in which case I direct you to our careers section) or you have a business that you may be thinking about selling or growing (in that case I direct to see some of our companies, so you can get an idea of the types of companies we invest in and build).